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Drew McIntyre gives an impassioned speech on the debut of NXT UK

For those of you on the fence about WWE turning their NXT UK brand into a weekly television product, you have to listen to this speech by Drew McIntyre.

With WWE in middle of turning NXT UK into a television product on the WWE Network, through TV taping and title tournaments, more promotion is being drummed up for the brand. While speaking with London sport news outlet GiveMeSport, McIntyre gave an amazing pep talk directed both at the NXT UK roster as well as the fans that will grow with the brand.

McIntyre is hyped about NXT UK and now so are we.

Last weekend the WWE hosted a tournament to crown the first ever NXT UK women’s champion and with current United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne making waves in NXT, the young brand has built a good bit of momentum in recent weeks.

What are your expectations and concerns for the NXT UK brand once it gets officially rolled out on the WWE Network?

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