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Roman Reigns cuts a ‘making towns’ promo on Brock Lesnar

You can watch this video of Roman Reigns 100 times and still not decide if he’s a confident hero or arrogant jerk.

Reigns ‘I’m not a good/bad/the guy’ promo may have been peak Big Dog. The promo still makes sense to this day and we’re still not sure how the WWE wants us to feel about their Universal champion at any given moment.

Continuing our coverage of WWE’s house show in London on Wednesday night, here is Reigns cutting a brief but triumphant promo to the ringside camera.

Who does Reigns direct his angry at? Why Brock Lesnar of course.

“Making towns. In one week, I’ve did more than Brock has ever done.”

Also we’re 99% sure Reigns mouths ‘loser’ or ‘Lesnar’ as he begins to walk away.

Even though the Universal title is now firmly secured around his waist, Roman Reigns still has the shadow of Brock Lesnar in his rear-view.

Reigns is if nothing else a fighting champion. How long of an Universal title reign are you expecting from The Big Dog?

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