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Elias & Bobby Lashley sing ‘Angels’ at London house show

This is just too good.

Elias is great and all but maybe the WWE just stumbled upon a wonderful Bobby Lashley singing gimmick. In the midst of their pretty hectic (downright insane) touring schedule this week, the Raw brand stopped at London’s O2 Arena last night for a house show.

Things have been known to get a little wacky at WWE shows and Wednesday night was no exception. The WWE is usually pretty hush on allowing fans to film what goes down during house shows, but hopefully they make an exception for this beautiful Elias and Lashley sing along.

Elias. Bobby Lashley. ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams. Enough said. This is truly a beautiful pro wrestling moment in time.

Okay, we kind of all knew that was going to happen when Lashley got a little too friendly with the London faithful.

Share the spotlight Bob.

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