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What are you talking about NOW, Matt Hardy?

Legendary wrestling mad genius Matt Hardy is dealing with some pretty serious physical consequences from a career full of ladder matches and leg drops. That led to reports, since confirmed by Matt and his wife Reby, he’d be focusing on a backstage role with WWE as a producer and agent.

While it was clear Hardy wasn’t giving up wrestling, and certainly not performing, for good, it was believed he’d be off our screens for a while.

Maybe not so fast?

This Reby shot video posted yesterday can be interpreted a few ways. For some of it, he’s almost back in his old “Big Money Matt” heel gimmick from Ring of Honor. It could be seen as another statement on shifting from his recent role as Woken Matt to his new one as Agent Hardy. Or it could be telling us to expect more Broken/Woken adventures from the Hardy Compound in the near future.

You decide...

What do you think Matt Hardy is talking about now?

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