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John Cena’s new physique is freaking me out

His last Twitter video gave us a taste of the new build John Cena’s crafted for himself during his time away from WWE. But it also featured a hyperactive promo for his re-worked Super Show-Down match (which might need to be re-worked again, depending on how committed everyone is to the “Kevin Owens quit” angle) and more teasing of his new “sixth move of doom”.

Which probably explains why I didn’t fall down a rabbit hole of veins and musculature like I did with the pic he posted early this morning (Aug. 29)...

For comparison’s sake, here he is in five-ish months ago at WrestleMania 34:

Crazy, right? Where did his pecs go!?!?

I need a minute. Luckily, we have a few days before photos and video starts coming in from his match in Shanghai on Saturday.

Who will face the Doomiest move of them all? And will John’s jorts even fit?

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