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Sasha and Bayley throw stones at Charlotte and Becky from inside their glass house

Well, ain’t this some $#!+...

Bayley and Sasha Banks have managed to not attack each other physically or take passive aggressive swipes at one another verbally for what, a month now? They weren’t booked for SummerSlam and finally picked up a win on television when The Boss beat Dana Brooke last night (Aug. 27), but that was after being on the losing side of a feud with The Riott Squad. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan have since moved on to The Bellas and Ronda Rousey - meaning the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection was more or less used to build up an act so that act could put over the “big stars”.

And suddenly they’re being scripted to mock SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch for fighting over the belt? So much for learning important lessons about friendship from their own struggles, I guess.

They also seem to be Team Lynch, or at least Sasha does. Which makes sense given her character’s history with Flair, but not so much if she’s supposed to be a babyface and Becky a heel.

Oh well. We should know better than to expect WWE to tell a logical story with these two. Or maybe with the NXT Horsewomen, in general.

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