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If WWE is teasing back-up for Braun Strowman in his war with The Shield...

This poll on has people wondering. And wondering about things is our favorite pastime!

We’ve already covered our completely unsubstantiated belief WWE foreshadows storyline developments with things like internet surveys, and this one is even more fun than the tea leaf reading we did on some Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair videos.

First off, of course Braun Strowman needs help. I don’t care what kind of monster you are or how many dingers you can hit... It’s the friggin’ Shield! And most of the Universe agrees with me:

The “who” is where it gets very interesting. There’s one obvious answer, of course. A former WWE Champ that currently finds himself without a partner, has a long history with Roman Reigns and once lead a faction - of which Braun was a member - in battles against the Hounds of Justice...

TDE Wrestling

Not to mention, a third Family member who just found out he’s solo for the next several months...

I mean, Brie Bella’s already crossing brands like it ain’t no thing. Surely an Eater of Worlds with a Woken friend could get Luke Harper from SmackDown to Raw, right?

The speculation engine is fully engaged. Jump on board this fantasy booking freight train. Destination Raw!

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