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Let’s read too much into these videos from WWE

We don’t have any empirical evidence WWE foreshadows or tests out angles for television via their online channels. But it feels like something they should do, so I always just assume that’s what they’re doing when they decide to post a video reminding us of old moments featuring a character involved in a hot story, or bring up past incidents which are reminiscent of things playing out on our screens now.

Or maybe, like a lot of wrestling fans, I just overthink things.

Either way, these recent updates to’s video section and the company’s YouTube channel pinged my radar, and most of you will understand why.

First up, we have this list of NXT’s “Most Savage Betrayals”. Becky Lynch turning on Bayley back in 2014 is featured, and makes me think the rumor WWE isn’t backtracking on the Lasskicker as a heel is correct:

Regardless, they also recently published this piece of foreshadowing - the entire Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair Hell in a Cell match from 2016:

So I’m gonna just focus on staying excited for where I think Becky’s feud with Flair is headed, regardless of whether the alignments feel off...

Are you with me, or am I making stuff up?

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