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Cup of coffee in the big time: Has 205 Live become a slow death for cruiserweights?

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205 Live is a consistently entertaining show, there’s little doubt about that. On Tuesday nights, fans are able to strap in and watch one hour of programming often featuring one or two of the best matches WWE will air that week.

It’s a secret little joy for many of us; something we know rewards our investment.

But is it also a death sentence for most of the 205 roster?

It’s a conversation picking up more steam with Neville’s contract status updated to “doesn’t have one.”

Those Voices of Wrestling tweets hit at the real issue: 205 Live is proving an inescapable circle.

It has its own feuds and programs, one of which gets to hit the road and work regularly.

Mustafa Ali is a man many tag as one of the “breakout stars” of 205 Live, and he has worked a total of six house show dates this year.

And there’s the lack of spots on PPV main cards, which kill the ability to collect royalties, and the particularly disturbing inclusion of them in the 2K series, but with contracts that remove the ability to collect royalties there as well.

With a thriving indie scene, it’s no longer a necessity to look to WWE as the path to full-time pay as a wrestler.

And if you’re under 205 pounds, you’d seem to be well reasoned to stick to the indies, get your merch game strong and your calendar full.

Another week starting, let’s hope for the best.

Instead of a closing gif, let’s just go with this:

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