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The message Natalya wants to send after losing her father, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart

It was not even two weeks ago that Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart died at the age of 63. His daughter, Natalya, paid tribute to him by returning at SummerSlam wearing the same jacket he wore at SummerSlam in 1990. She said she “needed” that night before resetting and starting fresh.

Now, she’s putting out a new message, as she tells it in the interview above that WWE released today:

“Losing a parent, you know, it’s just... it’s tough. But for me I also know that you have to keep going. You have to, and I want to send that message to people too, that are going through a hard time, that, like, bad things happen and sad things happen but at the end of the day we have to keep going. We have to dust ourselves off and we have to get up and we have to keep going. There’s going to be times where I feel really sad and I’m going to break down and cry. There’s been a ton of those, I mean I feel like I’ve cried so much that I can’t even cry at all at this second. But there’s also going to be times where I just want to remember the happy times. I’m not saying goodbye to my dad. Like, I made my mind up that there’s no... we’re not saying goodbye to my dad, because I can talk to him at any time that I want. I can reach out to him, I can talk to him at any time I want. Now I just feel like I have an extra angel in heaven, up there with my uncles, Davey and Owen, and my grandfather, Stu Hart. So many people that have left us before, now they’re going to look after me. And my dad is going to be having one hell of a party in heaven.”

That’s strength beyond strength, and we continue to wish Natalya and the entire Neidhart family all the best during this difficult time.

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