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Miz and Maryse hope John Cena and Nikki Bella are doing well post-breakup

2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If you’re looking for proof fans can boo a character played by a likeable person with an inspirational real-life story, look no further than The Miz.

Cleveland superfandom aside (I kid! Just a small joke from a guy from Pittsburgh), everything we see of The Miz outside of kayfabe makes him seem like someone you’d enjoy hanging out with. He’s funny, likes sports and movies, loves his family - heck, he’s even occassionally self-deprecating. He’s also hard-working and, despite some advantages from his reality show background, busted his ass and took a lot of crap from fans and pros in order to achieve his dream of becoming a pro wrestler.

Yet when he steps through the curtain on SmackDown, most fans have no problem hating his fictional guts - even though the kayfabe arguments he makes about opponents like Daniel Bryan often have a lot of validity.

Our latest example of Mike being a pretty swell guy comes from a red carpet interview with he and the equally swell Maryse on the red carpet at MTV’s VMAs this past Monday (Aug. 20). Fox News caught up to the Miz & Mrs. stars and, after some adorable anecdotes about how much they love their baby daughter Monroe, got Miz’s take on the split between their WrestleMania 33 rivals, John Cena and Nikki Bella.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for Miz to gloat. He and Maryse said all along in the build to their mixed tag match in Orlando that the relationship was a sham put on by two people who only cared about their image! The end of the Bella/Cena engagement proves they were right!

But that’s The Miz. Mike said:

“You always wish the best for everyone. You hope that John is good, you hope that Nikki is good – you hope everyone is good. We try to generate positivity with everything we do.”

What a guy. Boo this man, on WWE television, anyway. Outside the scripted world of pro wrestling? Maybe follow his advice:

“We hope everyone is doing great –we’re doing great, and if you need examples, we’ll be your role models.”

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