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The Revival apologize to Jim Cornette for the current Raw tag division

For all those pro wrestling tag team purists out there, The Revival feel your pain.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton weeps and this message from Scott Dawson may be the reason why. The B-Team’s string of remarkable luck may be starting to get to The Revival.

Today (Aug. 23) on behalf of The Top Guys, Dawson took to social media to issue an apology to all the wrestling fans out there. Dawson even tagged Jim Cornette, so you know he was truly sincere.

“On behalf of The Revival, I want to personally apologize to @TheJimCornette, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey, “Sweet” Stan Lane, & all Tag Team purists, for the B-Team representing & regressing the division as champions on RAW.”

What would “Sweet” Stan Lane think about Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel running roughshod over the Raw tag team division?

On Monday night, Dawson and Dash Wilder did sweep the B-Team in singles competition. Just nobody tell “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey that The Revival did in fact lose to The B-Team at SummerSlam with the tag titles on the line.

Come on Dawson and Wilder don’t win the titles for yourself, win them to honor good old Jim Cornette.

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