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New WWE survey sheds some light on fan’s feelings for Becky Lynch

If you are on Team Becky, don’t worry you are not alone.

In the latest survey sent out by the fine folks over at, the promotion is trying to read the public perception of Becky Lynch following her actions at SummerSlam as well as her follow-up brawl with Charlotte Flair on Tuesday night.

We’re far from polling experts but early results show a clear answer to if WWE fans are supporting Lynch and her cause to earn some respect.

This is a good question.

This is the correct answer.

That’s our quinoa loving anti-hero.

Now the poll has only been open for a couple of hours but the overwhelming majority of the public are on the side of everyone’s favorite Irish Lass Kicker.

Do the right thing WWE, read the crowd and don’t hold back Becky Lynch.

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