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Sasha Banks addresses off camera rivalry with Alexa Bliss

The facial expression of Sasha Banks completely changes when the name Alexa Bliss is invoked in this new interview.

Yesterday, we covered The New Day’s appearance on Peter Rosenberg’s Open Late YouTube show for Complex. Broken out into three different parts, the show also features a dinner date with Lana and Rusev plus a sit down chat with Banks.

All three segments were fascinating in their own way, but one topic in particular brought up by Rosenberg really struck a chord with Banks. The conversation begins with a discussion of the chip Banks still has on her shoulder dating back to her early days in NXT.

Rosenberg ask Banks if the way she carries herself rubs anyone the wrong way in the WWE women’s locker room. This all lead to Banks acknowledging a rumored off-camera rivalry with Bliss.

Banks had an interesting answer for how she feels about working with Bliss in the past and in the future.

Rosenberg: There seems to be a real life push and pull between you and Alexa. Any accuracy to that?

Banks: I think I am really good at what I do.

Rosenberg: Would you like to do more with Alexa?

Banks: Not really.

Rosenberg: You think the story is told?

Banks: I think if they want to have me wrestle Alexa, I can do that because I can do my job very well.

The response from Banks about Bliss is a stark contrast to the very next question where she heaps glowing praise on Ronda Rousey and the possibility of working with her in the future.

Check out out the full show below, with Banks one on one interview with Rosenberg coming in the final segment.

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have crossed more than a few times while battling over the Raw women’s championship as well as making history together over in Abu Dhabi.

Is Banks feeling real or just setting up a potential angle with an opponent she knows she will run into again down the road in the WWE?

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