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A very lean John Cena hypes his 6th move of doom

We’ve talked about John Cena’s post-break-up look, which includes growing his hair out and dropping weight like he wants Cedric Alexander’s Cruiserweight Championship.

Also covered on this here very website, the “6th Move of Doom” he developed at Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team Training Center in China and plans to use to end his match in Shanghai on Sept. 1.

Now, in a new Twitter vid promoting his recently re-booked Super Show-Down match in Melbourne on Oct. 6, Cena’s combined the two!

Here’s a slim, toned (if distractingly vascular) John Cena hyping his new move - which he might even name in this video, if anybody speaks Mandarin - and threatening to unleash it on Kevin Owens and Elias when he teams with Bobby Lashley in Australia:

Excited? Scared? Aroused? Concerned?

Talk about it below. You’re safe here.

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