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Jerry Lawler: Still more questions, no official answers on his son’s death


It’s been more than three weeks since the death of Brian Christopher. The former WWE Superstar died in a Memphis hospital after the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Dept. officials reported he hung himself in his jail cell.

Since then, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) launched an investigation into the 46 year old’s death, and Lawler has said he has doubts about the official story.

In a new interview with Memphis television station Local 24, the WWE Hall of Famer said he’s received no updates regarding the investigation. In addition to that, more questions have been raised by witnesses and others who have contacted him, including a strange affidavit pointing to another inmate using Christopher’s identity.

“It’s like a nightmare that we can’t wake up from. It seems like everyday something new comes up, we hear something from someone that was either an eyewitness to incidents that happened the day that Brian died or people that have heard stories about just different things that went on in the jail. Even as recently as just a couple of days ago somebody in the jail is still using Brian’s identity and was caught for identity theft.

10:30 that morning [Sat., July 28 when Christopher was allegedly found in his cell] I was in Raleigh, North Carolina. I received a phone call from Brian - a collect call that’s monitored and recorded and it’s timed, 15 minutes is all you can talk at the time. And so, that morning, though, he talked, perfectly rational, perfectly normal. Just went on a little bit about how, we had had a meeting a couple weeks ago with the Sheriff there and Brian just went on about how none of the stuff the Sheriff had promised would take place had taken place and just talked about the bad conditions there in the jail.

Then we got cut off mid-sentence after 15 minutes and didn’t hear anything until about 2:30 in the afternoon, my fiancee Lauren got a call from someone - well, actually, I spoke with a Sheriff and said that Brian had been involved in an altercation with another inmate. There was a fight and, the Sheriff’s actual words were, Brian ‘was acting a fool’ and picked a fight with someone that he shouldn’t have picked a fight with, and then he got a laceration over his eye, and that they stitched him up and he was fine.

Of course, we heard later on from an eyewitness to that fight that it went nothing like what the Sheriff said. Then a few hours later, we get a call, I get another call there in Raleigh from a Deputy Sheriff that said, ‘Mr. Lawler, I’ve got some bad news, your son Brian has hung himself in the jail.’

So it was just from what - talking to Brian earlier in the day, and then hearing about the incident in the afternoon and all the way to the fact that he was gone that evening - it just doesn’t add up. And so many of the eyewitnesses that have spoken to us and gotten in touch with us, the stories just don’t jibe.”

In their report on the interview, PWInsider says another segment on Local 24 reported the TBI stated it will be weeks, if not longer, before their report is released.

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