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The Bella Twins just hanging around on WWE TV suddenly is weird

If you’re reading this, chances are you like looking for as much information as you can find on professional wrestling, both what you see on television and news and rumors of behind-the-scenes goings on. To that end, you likely knew about rumors going around of Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella being planned by WWE for the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view on Oct. 28 in New York.

So it wasn’t a surprise, then, when the Bella Twins showed up at SummerSlam, and then jumped into the ring to celebrate Rousey’s Raw women’s title win over Alexa Bliss, and then appeared on Monday Night Raw for her championship presentation ceremony the next evening. The assumption, based on the rumors, is that WWE is trying to reestablish their presence on television before getting to the match they have planned.

But what if you’re a more casual viewer — which is the majority, mind you — who doesn’t know a thing about those rumors?

That makes all of this really weird!

They just sort of showed up at SummerSlam, said they’re busy with outside stuff and not thinking of wrestling again, then pretty randomly aligned themselves with Rousey because they wanted to see her make history. Which, okay, that’s a big event, it makes sense they would be there. But suddenly being Team Rousey seems strange, especially considering past comments, and playing that up by celebrating with her in the ring seems even stranger.

Where it really went weird was their appearance at the championship presentation ceremony on Raw. Neither of the two are currently on the Raw roster! Brie is listed on as a “Current” wrestler but she is not affiliated with any particular brand while Nikki is still listed as a SmackDown Live wrestler.

Again, if you didn’t follow the rumors of a pending match involving Nikki and Rousey, none of this would really make sense, and WWE hasn’t done much to explain any of it. The Bella Twins just sort of showed up and are now hanging around, despite neither being active wrestlers on the Raw roster.

If nothing else, this can be used as the seed to plant the idea of Nikki vs. Ronda but even then, they didn’t do much to indicate that’s actually something they want to happen.

(Insert shrug here.)

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