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I don’t understand Finn Balor’s usage of ‘The Demon’

This isn’t snark, this isn’t complaining, this isn’t coming from a place of discontent, or upset; this is genuine curiosity, because I am utterly baffled by Finn Balor and his decision making as it pertains to his usage of “The Demon.”

WWE hasn’t bothered to give us much storyline explanation for it but one thing is clear: Balor is much better when he assumes his Demon persona. We saw this at SummerSlam this past Sunday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, when he broke it out for his match with Baron Corbin — who responded to it with pants shitting terror — and won in a glorified squash match.

That’s what baffles me about Monday Night Raw this week. He had just used his Demon persona to great success and not 24 hours later he was told he would be getting a Universal championship match against Roman Reigns. He’s been trying to get a shot at the belt he never lost for YEARS. Reigns is, quite obviously, a much tougher opponent than Corbin.

Despite all this, Balor wrestled as himself.

And he lost.

I just don’t understand it.


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