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Roman Reigns has a message for the WWE fans at SummerSlam

To Big Dog or not Big Dog that is the question.

Eyeing a fourth attempt at dethroning Brock Lesnar in a WWE title match, Roman Reigns sure sounds like a man anticipating historic results come SummerSlam.

Despite mixed reactions to the general presence of Reigns but also to another Brock vs. Roman match altogether, The Big Dog took to social media today (Aug. 2) to try to fan some of the flames.

Whenever I’m in the ring, I hear the noise.

It doesn’t shake me.

It doesn’t anger me.

I don’t run from the noise. I thrive in it. I hope Brooklyn’s ready to get loud because I’m ready to give them a show.

And take the #UniversalTitle. #SummerSlam

Was this Roman Reigns Twitter version of the infamous “I’m not a good/bad/ the guy” promo?

Depending on what aside of the Reigns aisle you fall on you either love his confidence or hate his arrogance here. So goes the tale of The Big Dog as a singles, main event player.

Only 17 days left to promote the main event of SummerSlam, how many more ways can Reigns stir pro wrestling fans into a frenzy?

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