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Tommaso Ciampa reignites five month old feud with NXT grandma fan

There is nothing better in pro wrestling then some well written long term storytelling.

Slotted right behind Tommaso Ciampa’s year long feud with Johnny Gargano for best rivalry in pro wrestling is Blackheart’s beef with NXT Grandma fan Anita Smith. We first met Smith five months ago, when her Ciampa got into a verbal altercation with her on the Mar. 21 episode of NXT.

Due to Ciampa being the best heel in pro wrestling and Smith being a lovable Grandma, this led to The Sicilian Psychopath challenging all grandmas across the world to fight him.

Fast forward to last night’s (Aug. 1) episode of NXT and look who the current NXT champion happened to run into on his way to the ring.

Ciampa is a huge jerk

Ciampa would not help any grandmas cross the road, give up his seat on public transportation to a elderly person and would not even pretend to listen to your grandparents retell the adorable story of how they first met.

Smith of course did not take Ciampa’s uncalled for behavior lying down and did what any red-blooded pro wrestling fan would do in 2018; she took to social media to air her grievances.

I know its frowned upon to use all caps when writing about pro wrestling but....


We are here for all this.

After Tommaso Ciampa’s reign of terror finally leaves NXT, which heel should Grandma Anita Smith feud with next?

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