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WWE SummerSlam 2018 results: Samoa Joe goes after AJ Styles’ family once too often, WWE Title match ends in a DQ

The WWE Championship match got a spot on the first half of the SummerSlam card in Brooklyn on Sun., Aug. 19, but Samoa Joe and AJ Styles still brought the heat. Continuing the family-centric story they’ve built on SmackDown, Joe pointed out AJ’s wife and young daughter at ringside and promised “Daddy’s coming home tonight.”

The action which started the match built off that intensity (even as the veterans no sold the “TNA” chant the Barclays Center crowd momentarily broke into). Joe bided his time and lit the champ up with leg kicks. Styles flew around and landed a few of his own, along with more than his fair share of his customary forearms.

It was a flying forearm that sent Styles slamming into the announce desk, and gave the challenger a nearfall and put him firmly in control.

Back and forth they went. The Phenomenal One launched another forearm over the top rope onto Joe on the floor.

The big man flew, flattening Styles with a leg lariat off the top.

That gave us a two count after a senton from Samoa Joe. He evaded both the Styles Clash and a traditional Phenomenal Forearm to level AJ with a scoop powerslam, but the champ still wouldn’t stay down.

Another flurry ended with the champ hitting the Styles Clash, but Joe kicked out!

The counters lead to submission holds, as Joe escaped a calf cutter before AJ barely got his foot on the ropes to survive the Kokina Clutch. But when Joe again grabbed a microphone after eniguri-ing him to the floor to taunt Wendy and AJ’s daughter, the champ had had enough.

A well-earned DQ followed after the champ assaulted a production guy and a few more folks, too. Eventually, only Wendy calmed him down.

Certainly not the end.

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