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Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle until he’s 70-years-old

Daniel Bryan WWE

Daniel Bryan has been doing a ton of media to promote SummerSlam, where he’ll wrestle The Miz in a highly anticipated match-up. That means the potential to say something wacky increases exponentially with each new interview.

From a recent chat with ESPN:

“Realistically, I want to wrestle until I’m 70,” Bryan said. “That’s a goal to people that sounds insane, but there’s a MMA trainer, Firas Zahabi, he trains Georges St-Pierre and he was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and I love what he said because this is how I envision my life. He said, ‘I want to be grappling and doing jiu-jitsu the day before I die.’ He wants to live to be 90 years old, but he loves doing this so much he wants to physically be capable of doing it until the day before he dies because it brings him joy and that’s how I feel about wrestling. For me, my goal is to enjoy this moment that I have in the WWE spotlight because that doesn’t last forever. That really has taken hold since I was forced to retire. You have to appreciate every moment of this, but I also have to transition my style in a way that I could still be wrestling when I’m 70 years old. I want to transition my style slowly to something that’s a little bit easier on my body.”

If you think he’s crazy, keep in mind Terry Funk is probably out there somewhere right now struggling to bend down to lace his boots but doing so anyway. Bryan is 37-years-old as of this writing, so if he has his way he’s got another 33 years left in him.

Maybe that’s why he’s got a lawyer combing over the new contract he’s about to sign with WWE?

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