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Friendships will be tested in the search for SmackDown women’s gold

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella (c)

SmackDown Women’s championship match

Becky Lynch hasn’t had an easy time of it the last couple years.

Back in 2016, she was the first ever SmackDown Women’s champion. But ever since she lost that gold to Alexa Bliss, she fell into somewhat of a funk. For the next almost two years, she ended up on the losing end of every match that was somewhat important. In fact, as recently as May of this year, she had a PPV losing streak that was over a year long.

Throughout it all, she always had the support of the crowd. No matter how low it seemed to get for her, crowds were always excited to see the Lass Kicker. Much of that is because even through the skid, she never lost her fight. Never lost her passion.

Finally, she turned it around this year.

It started with a one on one win over her good friend Charlotte Flair. There’s pretty much no bigger opponent to defeat right now than Charlotte Flair. Becky took the win and ran with it, soon running through the women’s division.

Her winning streak earned her the right to face the champion Carmella in a non-title match with the caveat that if she beat her, she’d get to face the Princess of Staten Island for the title at SummerSlam.

She was victorious.

Becky’s climb back to the summit was finally within sight. And all that was between her and the title she once proudly held, is beating a woman who she’s already beaten. Easy peasy, right?

Not so fast.

Charlotte Flair returned from hiatus weeks later to save her pal Becky Lynch from a Carmella beatdown. However, that same night, she was granted the same opportunity Becky had: She was booked in a match against Carmella where if she won, she would be entered into the women’s title match. And to the surprise of few, she was victorious.

Becky’s climb to the top was suddenly much harder with a Flair in her path and the friendship between the Tea Timers was about to be tested.

Becky and Charlotte share a strong friendship (though have had some rough patches, including the time Charlotte’s father forceably kissed Becky), but they don’t have the same path. While Becky has always seemed to struggle to get to the top, it has always come easier for Charlotte.

Flair has held a championship everywhere she’s been and is more often holding gold than not. She doesn’t have the down turns that Becky does. When she loses, it’s a big deal. For a while, Becky losing was the norm.

It couldn’t have been easy for Becky to watch her friend succeed while she was struggling to keep her head above water. Sure, part of her was happy for the Queen’s success, but there had to be another part that was frustrated that things seemed to come so much easier for Charlotte. Now, Charlotte’s success was directly in the way of Becky.

While Becky said all the right things, it was clear she wasn’t happy with the idea of sharing the ring with the Queen in Brooklyn. It was easy to tell Becky was not pleased when Charlotte was inserted into the title match.

The next week, the friends teamed up to face the IIconics. Becky took the brunt of the damage and finally tagged out to Charlotte, who easily finished things off. Despite Charlotte’s victory meaning Becky earned a tag win as well, there was a moment that Lynch’s face showed her true feelings. She wasn’t thrilled to watch Charlotte tag into the match after Becky struggled through most of it and pick up an easy win, a microcosm for their relationship as a whole.

The next week, Becky refused to make that tag when Fire and Flair teamed up against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. She let Charlotte watch on the apron as she did all the work herself, sending the message to Charlotte that she too is a force to be reckoned with.

They head into SummerSlam as friends, though things are tenuous right now.

The third member of this match is the champion Carmella, who has done everything she can to keep her grip on her title. That included bringing back James Ellsworth so she could sneak past Asuka. Unfortunately for Mella, Ellsworth has since been fired... again.

Obviously, she’s none too pleased that she has to defend her championship against two people. But at the same time, if anyone is savvy enough to take advantage of the issues between Charlotte and Becky to sneak away with a win, it’s the champ.

This is truly a match where any outcome makes sense, which, alongside the great story about testing Becky and Charlotte’s friendship, adds to the match. This could be the end of Becky’s journey and Charlotte was just that last obstacle to overcome. The story between them can continue with Charlotte winning the title and stealing Becky’s moment. Or the sly champion can use their issues to walk out with the title still around her waist. Any of those options are possible. And they would all work.

Will Becky be able to finally ascend her way to the top? Will Charlotte become champion once again? Will their friendship survive? Can Carmella find yet another way to hold onto the title? Find out tonight at SummerSlam, which airs on the WWE Network at 7 ET. And keep it here to for all your SummerSlam coverage.


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