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What Ronda Rousey wants to call her (non-submission) finishing move

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, Ronda Rousey was asked about a particular move she does and it being a finish for her (non-submission, of course). They were talking about this one:

Her idea:

“Oh, that throw I keep doing? We keep throwing around names for it. Originally, my walkout song for MMA I wanted to be ‘Sex and Violence’ and they wouldn’t let me. So I thought a cool name would be ‘Plex and Violence,’ like suplex and violence. Yeah, so Plex and Violence I like. Maybe, I don’t know, it’s PG, I don’t know if they’ll let me keep it. What do you guys think? ... Or do you have any suggestions? I’m open to suggestions. Name that thing that I do.”

Too dark? Too wordy? You decide.

I like it.

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