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Silly Miz actually seems to believe the Browns will make the playoffs this year

The Miz is a fan of the Cleveland Browns, so we both can’t blame him for saying silly things like this while also knowing exactly where the delusion is rooted:

“Wait until this season. This season we’re going to the playoffs. We are going to playoffs, probably going to go 9-7, I would say. I don’t think Baker (Mayfield) is going to start, I think Tyrod (Taylor) is going to start. ... I feel like they’re on the right path. I think Dorsey has the right mindset. He’s getting us playmakers. Jarvis Landry is a star, especially on ‘Hard Knocks.’ Watching him in the wide receivers room motivating his players on his team, it was incredible. I’m enjoying it.”

The Browns are clearly a better team than they were last year but that’s not saying much considering they went 0-16. They were 1-15 the year before, and 3-13 the year before that. That means if they actually do what Miz, bless his heart, seems to legitimately believe they will, win nine games, they will have more than doubled their win total from the past three seasons combined.

The AFC looks as open as it can look with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick still plugging away out in New England but one thing I can assure you is that the Browns will Browns this thing up and will not be making the playoffs this year.

Sorry, Miz.

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