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Even if you don’t know anything about his real life family history, the idea of watching Braun Strowman crush softballs should be a pretty easy sell. We tune in on Monday nights to watch him flip, crush and run over stuff all the time.

If you do know Mr. Monster In The Bank, whose real name is Adam Scherr, was a competitive softball player himself before entering the Strongman game and eventually signing with WWE, and that his father Rick was one of the best of all time, well then... you probably understand the all caps headline.

Strowman took some batting practice swings at Coney Island’s MCU Park yesterday (Aug. 17). We don’t know his final stat line to see how well he held up the Scherr legacy - his dad was nicknamed “The Crusher” and averaged a dinger every 2.3 at bats in his Hall of Fame career, so it would have been a tall order. But we know he cranked a few out...

A little disappointed he didn’t yell “RAWR” after each one, but those are still some prodigious blasts, so just watching them makes us want to do one for him. What the heck...


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