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It sure sounds like Shinsuke Nakamura will stay with WWE (if the money’s right)

It wasn’t long ago that Dave Meltzer noted on an edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that some high profile WWE stars would have their contracts expiring at the beginning of 2019. Shinsuke Nakamura is one of those stars. And, at least partly due to its continued expansion efforts and his newfound status within the United States, New Japan Pro Wrestling has interest in bringing the “King of Strong Style” back into the fold.

So when they had the chance to talk to him, Sky Sports asked about it:

He says he wasn’t contacted by anyone from NJPW — not that he would be yet anyway — but the move to the U.S. was a “big decision for my family” and it’s a “long term thing.” He more or less shrugs off the rumors of his contract expiring and NJPW’s interest before saying he’s “probably” looking forward to a few more years in WWE but it depends on the money.

We know WWE has plenty of that, so if they want him, they’ll be keeping him. And keeping him could be just as much about making sure he doesn’t go anywhere else as ensuring he stays put.

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