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Sasha Banks really wants to wrestle Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution

As part of SummerSlam week, WWE has Cathy Kelley doing interviews with various stars all around New York. Here, she catches up with Sasha Banks on a boat floating past the Statue of Liberty. They talk SummerSlam, of course, but Banks isn’t booked for the card so it doesn’t take long for talk to turn to the upcoming all women’s pay-per-view, Evolution.

“I’m very nervous. I’m scared what the match-ups are going to be. Because I just don’t want to be like ‘hey, can I wrestle Trish Stratus?’ and then I don’t get it, and then I cry my eyes out, but that’s the match that I want. Can we put it out there? If it’s not that ... I would love for it to be myself and Bayley vs. Trish & Lita. Whoa! That would be so cool! ... But that would be my dream match-up. If I don’t have a singles with Trish, hopefully we have a tag match against her and Lita. But you just never know. They announced over 50 women and it’s so cool that we’re having an all women’s pay-per-view. It’s about time.”

If it’s a standalone event, a one-time deal, perhaps it makes sense to do dream match-ups like that. If it’s simply a show on the calendar where they will advance current storylines, Banks may be out of luck.

Either way, I don’t think anyone would complain if they booked either match she proposed here.

Would we?

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