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Daniel Bryan is ‘90-plus percent’ sure he’s re-signing with WWE

If it feels like Daniel Bryan remaining with WWE is almost a foregone conclusion at this point - rumors say they’ve agreed on most points in a new deal, he’s the focus of an entire mode in a new video game which won’t be released until after his current deal expires on Sept. 1, WWE’s advertising him for shows through the end of the year - that’s because the man himself says it pretty much is.

Bryan was on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week to announce his story mode in WWE 2K19 and promote this weekend’s SummerSlam show in Brooklyn on Aug. 19. DB told the host:

“Uh, yeah - I decline to comment [laughs]. I think at this point it’s like 90-plus percent... I would say it’s likely I will sign with WWE... the reality if, that’s the probability. I have not re-signed yet, but it’s likely. I mean, it could happen as soon as the end of this week. It might be a couple more weeks or whatever it is. But yeah. It’s very likely.”

If you’re holding out hope for The Beard to pull a Jericho and work the Tokyo Dome next year... sorry. But there’s still a chance!

Sounds like you may want to factor a few more years of Bryan in WWE into your predictions for his showdown with The Miz on Sunday, though.

Listen to his entire chat with Sam here.

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