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Daniel Bryan explains why the WWE needs competition, strong indie scene

The excitement Daniel Bryan has for the sport of pro wrestling is absolutely contagious.

While promoting the announcement of WWE 2K19 Showcase mode, Bryan has done a ton of interviews this past week but this one really stood out.

In conversation with YouTube and Twitch personality TonyPizzaGuy, Bryan was asked a single question about who on the independent scene he would like to face in his career. Instead of just listing off a few names, Bryan unleashed an in-depth answer explaining the economics of a functioning pro wrestling ecosystem.

It was perfect.

From both a wrestler who has been to the top of the WWE mountain and from a true fan’s perspective, Bryan laid it all out in answer to a simple question.

All the concerns fans have of the WWE not showcasing enough of their stacked roster? Bryan answers that. Fear of watching your favorite indie wrestler get misused in the deep WWE ocean. Bryan answers that. Why a thriving indie wrestling scene is good for both the WWE and the industry as whole. Bryan answers that.

Why having real competition for the WWE is best for everyone involved? Bryan addresses that as well.

Check out the entire interview below, with the bit about the interplay between the WWE and entire pro wrestling industry beginning at the six minute mark.

Daniel Bryan for the office of Pro Wrestling President in 2020? I think he just won our vote.

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