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Hulk Hogan teases nWo reunion in new video with Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

Hulk Hogan is always working, brother.

One month after being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame, Hogan has stayed relatively quite amidst the storm of controversy his return caused.

Exactly 31 days since the WWE welcomed Hogan back into their good graces, The Hulkster took to social media and released a new video. Featured in the video with Hogan were Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, all dressed in their classic nWo attire.

Too sweet?

The video didn’t say much but it looks like Hogan, Hall and Nash are moving forward with some type of New World Order reunion in the near future. Does this “getting the band back together” moment happen without the WWE’s approval?

A nWo reunion at SummerSlam this Sunday? Probably too soon. Could the WWE put the New World Order into their Hall of Fame as a group prior to WrestleMania 35? Maybe.

What are Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash plans for bringing back the black and white in 2018?

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