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Aug. 14 was a very good day for wrestler birthday wishes

Kofi Kingston and Johnny Gargano got another year old yesterday. Their current and former tag team partners crafted messages to commemorate the occasion. The one Big E and Xavier Woods put together for New Day’s old head is a little different than the one Tommaso Ciampa came up with for his former roommate, though.

We’ll start with the less joyous one. The NXT Champ’s video still popped me, though - either because I enjoy the Blackheart calling disrespectfully calling his rival’s “boy” or he seems to be promising to actually end Gargano’s life on Sat., Aug. 18 at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. I can’t decide which:

If you have to go out, at least you got to spend one of your last days with a loving wife who bought you a bunch of toys, I guess.

Anyway... Ciampa’s is more useful in kayfabe, but New Day’s wins for sheer joy (as usual). Woods and E ribbing Kofi with stories of when they met him at WWE signings as children is fantastic throughout. It also includes this all-time quote from Large Epsilon:

“I was actually wearing this shirt, it said ‘The Bosshoss’ and it had two Pegasus on it - two Pegases? Whatever the plural of Pegasus is. Two Pegasuses.

And he [Kingston] actually said, ‘Man, that’s a dope shirt. I like Pegasuses-es too.’ So it’s cool, we were able to bond over whatever the multiple of Pegasus is.”

I’m getting sensitive about my age, but I still know who I would you rather have wish me a happy birthday.

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