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Bully Ray criticizes The Revival for their tribute to Jim The Anvil Neidhart on Raw

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart died yesterday morning at the age of 63. He was a beloved figure in the pro wrestling community, and written tributes came pouring in all throughout the day. The Revival, who were wrestling The B-Team and The Deleters of Worlds in a Raw tag team title match on Monday Night Raw, decided to pay tribute in another way:

That would be the Hart Attack, the Hart Foundation’s finisher. Bully Ray was watching, and was upset with how they went about doing it:

His issue seems to be that they didn’t win the match with it and instead used it simply as a “spot” during the match. He explained it a bit more later when someone brought up the fact that he used the Doomsday Device with D-Von:

This ignores the fact that they were in a title match they were not booked to win. I suppose, then, by Ray’s standards, they simply shouldn’t have paid tribute? It seems silly, especially considering how much pro wrestling has grown since that was used as a finish, not to mention how many times it’s been used since then by a number of different wrestlers, and not as a finish.

Here’s how The Revival responded:

“UGH” seems about right.

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