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What are you talking about THIS TIME, Matt Hardy?

Along with the news that years of leg drops have led to his lower back and pelvis fusing together, Matt Hardy’s been keeping fans guessing on social media with occasional cryptic tweets about his future. Or his future with Bray Wyatt in the Deleters of Worlds tag team which started at WrestleMania 34.

It’s difficult to be sure.

Actually, it’s impossible to be certain. Matt’s been playing this game for a long time and he’s very good at it. So it comes as no surprise he’s keeping his name on sites like ours, with tweets like this...

Reports insist that while Matt is pretty banged up, he’s not retiring. Posting the above tweet a few hours after this one will keep fans wondering, however.

Bray took the pin in the Tag Title Triple Threat on Raw last night (Aug. 13), and it’s really not clear where the Deleters go from here - even in the shallow pool of Monday’s night’s tag scene. Wyatt’s already feuded with Hardy, so a traditional break-up doesn’t make much sense. Is the long-anticipated Bray repackaging finally upon us? Will Matt ship off for SmackDown and a reunion with Brother Nero?

We have no idea. Which is why we’re asking...

What are you talking about THIS TIME, Matt Hardy?

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