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WWE 2K19’s Showcase mode is the latest sign Daniel Bryan probably isn’t going anywhere

2K Studios

This is interesting news whether you’re a gamer or not. WWE and 2K announced this morning (Aug. 13) their newest licensed video game will feature a showcase mode for the first time in a couple years - and that campaign will center on the career of Daniel Bryan.

Now, development cycles for these sorts of things aren’t quick turnarounds, so it’s not as if Bryan’s negotiations with Vince McMahon were going well so they greenlit this last week. Likewise, if those talks have fallen apart in the past month, it was probably too late to throw the brakes on an entire gameplay mode for a product launching in a couple months.

But like advertising him for big shows after his contract is supposed to expire on Sept. 1, this is another sign WWE and DB are confident they can get a deal done to keep him around.

But what about the game, and Daniel Bryan Showcase mode?

“2K today announced the return of the 2K Showcase, a story-driven campaign mode honoring Daniel Bryan’s legendary career. Relive the most epic moments, the highlights and the challenges, from Daniel Bryan’s career that have made him the WWE Superstar he is today.

The ‘Return of Daniel Bryan’ Showcase features vignettes with historic WWE footage and Daniel Bryan’s own words that give context and backstory to the subsequent matches that gamers will play through, enabling players to truly feel the adversity that Daniel Bryan has faced each step of his WWE career. Fight for his dream by competing in 11 objective-based, legendary matches, and one additional ‘surprise’ match, playing as variations of Daniel Bryan to unlock historic arenas, Superstars, attires and championships.”

The developer has a full blog post with more details here.’s announcement is here.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Excited about the return of showcase mode after a couple years without it? Does using Bryan’s journey as the centerpiece mean anything about his future in non-virtual wrestling rings?

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