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Cup of coffee in the big time: What is the highlight of this weekend of great wrestling?

It’s SummerSlam week, and that’s certainly an exciting thing. WWE’s summer spectacular is far more reliably entertaining in-ring than WrestleMania almost every year.

And, hey, NXT: TakeOver! Those are almost always great!

Let’s not forget about Joey Janela’s Lost in New York on Friday!

It’s not exactly WrestleMania weekend, but this is a fantastic weekend if you love wrestling.

So, let’s hit some of the highlights for what should be a weekend filled with great wrestling:

  • It’s hard to single out just one thing at Friday’s GCW Presents: Joey Janela’s Lost in New York. Janela himself continuing his wild run through personal dream matches against Jinsei Shinzaki is certainly a cool thing. And Matt Riddle vs. PCO? Sign me up. I’ll give my personal match I’m most excited for as Meng vs. Nick Gage. Faces of Fear vs. Gage & Jimmy Lloyd at Black Label Pro was one of my favorite matches I’ve seen in person in a few years. And the stuff with Gage and Meng was wild. I fully expect them to tear it down over 10 minutes.
  • Speaking of Black Label Pro, they have a stacked show on Saturday featuring Janela vs. D-Lo Brown and the match I may be most excited for all weekend: PCO vs. Darby Allin. Neither of those men have a lick of damn sense, so it’s likely to be ridiculous and dangerous. The show streams live on
  • Of course, the highlight of Saturday for most wrestling fans is NXT: TakeOver. Johnny Gargano vs. Tomasso Ciampa in a Last Man Standing Match will bring plenty of violence and storytelling, but I’m worried we’re heading toward their matches being overkill. Still, I’m excited and hope it remains a great mix of violence and storytelling like we’ve come to expect. I’m personally hoping Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane can be the sneaky show-stealer.
  • And SummerSlam caps off the weekend with plenty of potentially good matches. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns is exciting like watching a historical landmark get blown up is exciting — it shouldn’t be happening, but since it is, let’s watch the mess. But Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles taking place in a WWE ring — even if we’re past the point of their best possible match — is just too exciting to not top the show for me. Or maybe it’s The Miz and Daniel Bryan finally stepping into the ring for a singles match we thought would never happen again (let’s pretend they haven’t been wrestling at house shows).

Whatever your pleasure, there’s action, drama, violence, comedy and storytelling on tap this weekend.

So let’s get excited for it.

Instead of the usual weird gif from around the world, today let’s just end with this:

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