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Vince McMahon only spoke to Renee Young once while she did commentary on Raw

Stories of Vince McMahon producing commentators while they’re calling WWE television shows are legendary, mostly because he apparently wants things a very particular way. WWE has its own language, even and especially apart from pro wrestling terminology, and it’s no small task making sure you get it right.

All while broadcasting live to millions of viewers at home.

This, then, makes it all the more impressive that Renee Young, in her debut on Monday Night Raw, only had McMahon in her ear once during the entire three hour broadcast:

“He only spoke to me once, just once. I mean, I’m sure he was kind of letting me get away with a few things tonight. Yeah, he told me to slow down on a couple spots but that was it. And, geez, if that’s the only note that I get from him tonight, hallelujah, I’ll take it.”

Yes, that could be simply because it was her first show, and Jonathan Coachman will be back next week. Still, Young was impressive for this being her first time and while there’s room for improvement it’s clear this is something she can do on a full time basis.

It would be interesting to hear how much he would be in her ear then.

For now, this is good, and worth celebrating.

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