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Enzo Amore vows to not wrestle again

Regardless of your opinion or feelings about the circumstances surrounding his WWE firing, it’s difficult to deny Enzo Amore had his moments as a sports entertainer. Personally, while his act didn’t hold up as an every week thing on Raw and 205 Live, I enjoyed his NXT run quite a bit. I can’t really say I’ve missed him since his release back in January, though.

That, along with the fact he seems set in his new career as a rapper and aspiring actor, leads me to have no regrets about making the front-page headline joke. Or laughing at my main man Geno’s suggestion of “good news, everybody!”

See, when TMZ Sports caught up with Zo (aka Real1, real name Eric Arndt) at the Athletes vs. Cancer charity flag football game in L.A. on Sunday night (Aug. 12) he told them he wouldn’t go back in the ring “in a million years.” He went on to say, ”there ain’t nobody who’s got enough money to put me back in the ring...”

Bad news for wrestling fans who miss yelling “How you doin?” For everyone else, including Amore himself?

We’ll be doing just fine.

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