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My favorite line from any promo ever came from Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart

Wrestling With Shadows, the documentary on Bret Hart and his final year with WWE, is undoubtedly best remembered for the Montreal Screwjob and its fallout. When I think of it, though, I always think of the scene cued up in this video:

Vince Russo walks up to Jim Neidhart and tells him “Jim, you close it.” He’s talking about a promo The Hart Foundation is going to film before their match against Steve Austin, Goldust, Ken Shamrock, and The Legion of Doom. Anvil responds to Russo by saying “with?” Bret comes in and tells him “close it with ‘we’re gonna get hungry, and we’re gonna forget our manners.’”

It’s kind of a dopey line and Hart confesses to lifting it from a book of quotes. He also tries to push “leave no man untested” but they laugh that off.

Finally, it comes time for the promo and PS Hayes turns to The Anvil and he fires it off like only he can.

“You know, I can sum it up for the Hart Foundation: We’re gonna get hungry, and we’re gonna forget our manners. Hahahaha.”

The way he yells it, that laugh at the end of it. It’s so pro wrestling promo, and it absolutely rules. Bret saying it made it sound dopey but Neidhart’s delivery made it rule. To this day, it’s probably my favorite line from any promo ever.

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