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Tye Dillinger, Cedric Alexander apologize for controversial tweets

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In a story which is becoming more and more familiar for public figures and entertainers, a pair of WWE Superstars were recently confronted with old social media postings featuring offensive attempts at humor.

In screenshots of tweets dated from 2011 and 2012, Tye Dillinger and Cedric Alexander joked about rape. The tweets have since been deleted, so it is impossible to discern context.

Dillinger’s May 2011 message to fellow wrestlers Allysin Kay (aka Sienna) and Cherry Bomb (aka Allie) read “Its not rape if they’re sleeping”. In a pair of 2012 tweets, one of which tagged another person, Alexander made a similar joke about nonconsensual sex not being rape if “you yell SURPRISE!”

The SmackDown Superstar tweeted the following apology last night (Tues., July 31):

The 205 Live Cruiserweight Champion posted the following this morning: