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Seriously, you need to go watch Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali from 205 Live on July 3

You might be one of a lot of wrestling fans who decided a while ago WWE’s cruiserweight division wasn’t for you. You could be someone who wanted to support 205 Live, but gave up in 2017 because it was just “Raw with smaller guys”. Even if you love the show (and you’re American), there’s a good chance you didn’t have WWE Network pulled up after SmackDown ended on the day before a holiday.

Regardless of which of those groups you fall into, or even if you’re someone who simply doesn’t have time for more wrestling, or are a Kevin Nash/Geno Mrosko-type who has an adverse reaction to “vanilla midgets”... I strongly encourage you to check out the July 3, 2018 episode of 205 Live.

I borderline implore you to watch the main event, a no disqualification match between Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy.

Overall, “205 Live 84” is the platonic ideal of a certain type of sports entertainment. In just under 50 minutes, you get a couple short matches which continue ongoing character arcs and set-up new rivalries. You’re caught up on the championship match which is made for the next episode, with segments which also build anticipation for that Cedric Alexander vs. Hideo Itami showdown. And it’s all topped off with a fantastic bout between two performers with as much chemistry as they have history, fighting tooth-and-nail to win in a match where the stipulation both makes sense and is utilized to the fullest.

Ali may be my favorite wrestler to watch these days. Everything about his performance from motivations to moveset draws me in to his every match, and I find myself completely invested regardless of opponent.

When it’s Murphy though?

Buddy has been a revelation since moving from the NXT house show circuit to the cruiserweight division. He lives up to both his nicknames - “The Best Kept Secret” and “The Juggernaut”. The former because no one ever said Alexa Bliss’ man wasn’t good while he working in a tag team with Wesley Blake, but I don’t think any fan knew he was this good. The latter because the Aussie really convinces you he’s too powerful to be stopped by anyone on 205 Live, all while doing everything the rest of the smaller, less ripped guys on the brand can do.

I don’t want to give away much. The above clip from WWE is basically a greatest hits minus the finish. The full 28 minutes is worth it. There’s a reason it was “trending worldwide”. It might even be enough to get you to give 205 Live another, or a first, chance.

If it’s not, don’t worry. My man Mustafa’s gonna keep doing this stuff until you do.

And I’ll probably keep telling you you should watch it.

Now, seriously. Go watch it.

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