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The Miz & Daniel Bryan almost topped their classic Talking Smack promo

The Miz and Daniel Bryan were inches away from making lighting strike twice.

Then the babies cries came out.

This week on SmackDown, Bryan spit fire into the mic with a clear purpose; to get The Miz to agree to an one on one match at SummerSlam. Bryan brought up some good points about The Miz being too soft to be a true WWE superstar.

Hitting close to home, Bryan then poked holes in The Miz’s outside of the ring aspirations and claimed he’d never be The Rock or even John Cena when it comes to Hollywood.

Before losing his composure, Miz verbally struck back on Bryan with the perfect counter punch. The Miz told Bryan that the WWE fans have already moved on without him and his heroic comeback has been all for nothing.

Sorry, but the Yes Movement is already dead according to The Miz.

The Miz even implored Bryan to let his WWE contract expire so he could run off and compete in smaller indie shows again.

Other than The Miz using baby sound effects to get his point across, this was A+ stuff from both men on the mic.

How will Bryan eventually convince The Miz to accept a match with him at SummerSlam?

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