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Roman Reigns & Bullet Club’s Tama Tonga are feuding online

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The Big Dog is always watching.

From the random Twitter beefs department, the face of the WWE is currently feuding with a member of the Bullet Club online. On paper Reigns beefing with Tama Tonga sounds amazing, but in practice we have no idea where any of this started and how it could possibly end.

The first online shot surprisingly came from the WWE wrestler who is eyeing another main event spotlight at SummerSlam next month. Tonga was quick not to let the Reigns’ slight go unchecked.

Here is the original video from Tonga that caught the attention of The Big Dog.

Reigns responded to Tonga’s call-out.

Tonga closed the door on smack talk for now at least.

Where did any of this come from? Reigns just won his right to challenge Brock Lesnar again at SummerSlam while Tonga is the midst of New Japan’s G1 Climax (night eight results here) round-robin tournament.

This beef seems more personal but who really knows in the world of pro wrestling. What caused Roman Reigns to talk smack to Tama Tonga?