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Oh my god, please let this be the end of it

This isn’t about Brock Lesnar and whether or not he cares or doesn’t care about the Universal championship, or WWE, or professional wrestling. This isn’t about his going back to the UFC and everything that entails. This isn’t about his working the part time schedule he’s been on for all these years, or the contract he negotiated for himself that all but guaranteed he would be champion despite never being on television.

This isn’t about Roman Reigns and whether or not he deserves to be pushed as hard as WWE does or does not push him. This isn’t about his abilities as a wrestler or whether or not he can cut a promo. This isn’t about the fact that he’s polarizing and as many people despise him just as passionately as those who love him adore him.

This isn’t about the quality of the matches these two have had. This isn’t about how WWE has booked them, or the stories they’ve told with them both individually and together.

This is about being done.

Oh my god, please just let this be done.

It is time for it to be done.

WWE has teased and teased and teased that Reigns would finally, once and for all, vanquish Lesnar, winning the title in the process. They have pulled back from this every time, sometimes at the very last second. They’ve already done so twice this year.

Please, for the love of all that is professional wrestling, don’t do it again.

Please just end this.

I don’t care if that means Lesnar, who I actually really enjoy in my pro wrestling world, loses and leaves forever. I don’t care if that means Reigns, who I also enjoy, is supposed to win as the conquering babyface and gets booed out of the building after. I don’t care if it doesn’t go exactly as WWE plans it to, or hopes it will, or wants for it to.

Just pull the damn trigger already, no matter the potential or actual consequences, and let’s move on.


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