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Let’s book the WWE Women’s PPV, why not?

THIS is your official place to toss out what you think the card at WWE’s all-women pay-per-view (PPV), Evolution, will look like. Only a few ideas seem like a lock, such as the Mae Young Classic finals and both single’s titles being defended. There’s also word that fifty female superstars will compete, which makes it seem like a battle royale is in the cards. After that it’s anyone’s guess.

Hey, I’m anyone. You’re anyone too. Let’s guess!


>IIconics vs Mandy Rose & Lana

This one requires a bit of explanation, but not too much. It was heavily speculated that Stephanie’s big women-related announcement would, in fact, be the unveiling of women’s tag titles. Instead it was the PPV, but...

The PPV will need more to hype it up than just “there’s women...” The Mae Young finals make sense but to add something extra why not introduce the Women’s Tag Titles as well. Being a sucker for a good tournament, I’d like to see the PPV be filled out with a final four featuring two semis and a final match.

As for this contest, the IIconics are one of the two most obvious choices for Women’s Tag Team gold, so putting them on the PPV makes perfect sense. As for Lana and Mandy sort of makes sense, no? Don’t overthink it.

Whatever, IIconics advance, so it doesn’t matter.


>Ember Moon vs Naomi

It’s a Raw vs SmackDown contest, a showcase for two very athletic but not “title chasing” superstars, whose contest can be a one-off showcase for their talents. It’s like the women’s version of Angle vs Benoit at Mania 17 or Angle vs HBK at Mania 21 or HBK vs Taker at Mania 25.

Okay maybe those examples are a little over the top but you get the idea.

Ember Moon takes it after a possible show-stealer.


>Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan

Bayley and Sasha are the other (IIconics) “most obvious” team to put in a Women’s Tag Title hunt, if only because they have plenty of history to fall back on in between matches. Logan and Morgan are 2/3 of a stable, which makes them a good choice to be in the tournament, by default.

Bayley and Sasha advance, of course.


>Ruby Riott vs Alexa Bliss

I’m assuming Riott is healthy and ready to go by this point. Part of me wanted to see Bliss vs Liv Morgan (aka Bizarro Bliss) but that would only be fun for the first ten seconds; at least Riott vs Bliss has some potential. Of course, this is also assuming that Bliss is still in the title picture by the time Evolution happens, but based off recent history that’s not too crazy an assumption.

Riott wins the gold, giving us our first surprise of the night.


>All the best to all the rest

You take the women who don’t get a cushy marquee match, add some veterans, some NXT talent and baby you got a Battle Royale goin’. WWE can book a battle royale in its sleep; just throw em in the pot, book a few surprises and staredowns and either give us a credible winner or a shocking one. Everyone gets a paycheck. Nia Jax and Tamina get the staredown moment, and Trish and Lana get moments too because of course they do.

In the end, Jax plays Andre to Natalya’s Bret (Mania 2) and wins.


>Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sayne vs Nikki Cross

This is the match I wanted to happen at Takeover: Brooklyn III, but we’re getting the one-on-one instead. A straight rematch between either Baszler and Sayne or Baszler and Cross would be fine too but just to mix it up I’m going with a triple threat here. Either way, this is another potential show-stealer.

Baszler wins...and will likely keep on winning until next year.


>Killer Kelly vs Io Shirai

Obviously this one is up in the air as not all competitors are confirmed yet, but of the ones that are, these are the two I hope to see in the finals.

This match—whomever is in it—is one of the three that’s almost certainly going to happen, so I’m curious who you all think will make the finals.


>Bayley & Sasha Banks vs IIconics

When a Women’s Tag Title idea was first floated this was the match-up I envisioned as the match to determine the first winner, and until I see otherwise this is the match I expect will decide who are the inaugural champs. Likewise I have no doubt that, in the end, three things will happen: (1) Bayley and Sasha will easily ragdoll the IIconics, followed by (2) Sasha inexplicably turning on Bayley, leading to (3)...

the IIconics—the only pure female tag team WWE has—walking away with the gold.


>Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Admittedly, my heart is overriding my head here, as the more likely pick is Flair vs Asuka, and I could make a pretty good case for it too (with Asuka winning the title she lost to Flair and then being forced to defend against the woman who beat her; easy-peasy), but for me, the more exciting pick is Lynch vs Flair, two of the women who helped to bring women’s wrestling to WWE legitimacy.

Flair wins the title, putting her on the path toward WrestleMania 35...


>Ronda Rousey vs Asuka

I’m ending my headcanon version of the PPV with an exhibition match because, let’s be honest, this PPV is going to sell in large part because of Ronda Rousey, and because of that, it’s fine to detach her from a title match and to let her help sell the show on her own. She’s a big enough star to do that, and is probably the only female big enough to do that. A match with Asuka is one that a lot of people would have pegged for Mania 35 six months ago, but that seems like it’s written in the stars for Flair vs Rousey to main-event. This becomes a good consolation prize, letting it main-event the first all-women’s show. It’ll require a little rebuilding of Asuka in the meantime but WWE is (frustratingly) good at suddenly making someone look invincible whenever they want.

Rousey wins...and then Flair comes down to either

(A) congratulate her and do that “champ holds belt over person’s head, teasing a match” thing, or

(B) straight-up attack her, setting up a storyline that crosses brands and (eventually) leads to the main-event of WrestleMania 35.

Either way.

That’s my card, Cagesiders. How do you see Evolution shaking out?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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