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A women’s WWE pay-per-view could be fantastic right now

Becky Charlotte WWE

WWE announced earlier today that Stephanie McMahon is coming to Monday Night Raw next week to “deliver a historic announcement,” as they put it. Rumors have been going around for some time that WWE may be looking at putting a women’s pay-per-view together, and this could be the reveal of that.

If it is, the timing couldn’t be better.

Consider: SummerSlam is just around the corner and that show could set up the top matches at this show. Ronda Rousey could win the Raw women’s championship from Alexa Bliss and have her first title defense there. Sasha Banks and Bayley could have their rematch, which means they could add an interesting stipulation to it. By then, Charlotte will be back and Becky Lynch could very well have won the SmackDown women’s championship from Carmella. Assuming the timing is right, the Mae Young Classic could see its final around the same time.

Just the top of the card, then:

  • Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw women’s championship)
  • Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (SmackDown women’s championship)
  • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
  • Mae Young Classic Final

If they wanted to get creative, they could even have an NXT women’s title match, which would bring Shayna Baszler up. They could shoot a Four Horsewomen angle to build hype for a future show.

Again, that’s just the top of the card. There are plenty of interesting matches to make underneath it that would work well as undercard matches building to the bigger money match-ups.

The women sat home for Greatest Royal Rumble. The men can sit home for this show.

The timing is just right.

Let’s do it!

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