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Cup of coffee in the big time: Is WWE incapable of long-term storytelling?

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One of the most interesting stories over this past weekend was Daniel Bryan’s statements that a match with Miz at WrestleMania would be great, but that he didn’t have faith in WWE to work that kind of long-term storyline.

You can read our story here, but to recap:

“I am definitely up for it,” Bryan told James Delow. “My question - you ask me that question, I will answer it with a question. Do you trust WWE with telling that story from now until WrestleMania 35? Like, what in the last several years has shown to you that something like that is possible here?”

There is a lot of truth to the idea WWE doesn’t invest in long-term storytelling. That said, it’s certainly not impossible.

And with Miz and Bryan, there’s something unique there already, mainly the fact the story of these two men has been going on for so long already.

When Bryan was sidelined — forever, we thought — the interactions between the two on Talking Smack were the most interesting story WWE had going. Miz has since taken on mannerisms specifically to mock Bryan.

That WWE writers didn’t rush to Bryan vs. Miz in the first weeks of Bryan’s return to the ring is a promising sign and interactions between the two have remained limited enough to maintain heat while not engaging in an actual program.

There are far more useless uses of words in a column — at least for me — than to fantasy book. But, there are classic tools to employ to stretch out a program, including the very basic ideas of putting a belt on Miz and having him go out of his way to defend against anyone except Bryan for months, allowing them to remain tangled without having to face off and allowing them to also be involved in programs with others for a month or two here and there.

This is, of course, not to suggest any of that actually would be done by modern WWE writers, or that they are willing to put off a match fans want to see on a big stage for that long.

We’re five years removed from CM Punk chasing his final revenge on Paul Heyman for more than four months, and we’re way more than four months from WrestleMania, but with patience, the possibility is there to continue a string of near full-on confrontations and eventually for Miz to set up a series of hurdles for Bryan to clear (of course, featuring unfair odds) to earn his way to finally “punch Miz in the face” on some sort of level ground.

But, maybe it’s just an unrealistic dream of how to book Bryan in something that isn’t “big guys think he’s too small.”

And, this is WWE. So why display any confidence in their storytelling?

Happy Monday.

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