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Rey Mysterio talks WWE return & possible match with Daniel Bryan

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Rey Mysterio is having himself a busy 2018. The 43-year-old Luchador has already returned to the WWE twice for Royal Rumble matches, made a few New Japan appearances and has been announced for ALL IN on Sept. 1 in Chicago.

Booked for New Japan’s G1 Climax Finals in August and tabbed as pre-order bonus for WWE2K19, it’s a good time to be in the Rey Mysterio business.

In a new interview with The Roman Show at the annual Florida Supercon event, Mysterio was specifically asked about returning the WWE to coincide with WWE2K19’s release date and a possible dream match with Daniel Bryan.

“Wow, I don’t know. Anything can happen. I did already two Royal Rumbles for WWE this year. So, if you happen to see me on a Raw or Smackdown and you want to see a certain match, then you already know. But if not, I am still going to be doing what I am doing out here in the wrestling independent scene.

Next month I’m out in New Japan to do another show for NJPW, I’m doing the Sept. 1 ALL IN event that sold out in 29 minutes, so there’s a lot of good things coming the Chris Jericho cruise in Oct. and the Expo Lucha that’s on Aug. 30th and Aug. 31st in Las Vegas.”

Mysterio would also go to comment about Bryan’s comeback to the WWE, the growth of lucha wrestling in the USA, ROH-NJPW’s MSG show and more.

Check out the full Mysterio interview below

If or when Rey Mysterio returns for one more run in the WWE, who should the lucha legend feud with?