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Cup of coffee in the big time: Let Hogan be in the Hall of Fame, then tell him to go to hell

WWE Superstars Promote WrestleMania XIX Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

WWE has denied reports WWE cameras were present for Hulk Hogan’s apology to the roster at Extreme Rules.

If that’s true, it’s certainly a better situation than the original report Hogan’s reinstatement into the WWE Hall of Fame was to coincide with an upcoming WWE Network special — which the footage of his apology was to be used for.

Better, but not good enough.

WWE’s unwillingness to cut ties with Hogan is beyond frustrating. Put the man back in the Hall of Fame, fine. Bad guys have been important in sports and entertainment and exist in other Halls. There’s no wrestling hall of fame — WWE affiliated or not — that wouldn’t have Hogan in for his incredible run in the ring and his role in expanding wrestling’s place in popular culture.

So, fine, no need to erase history and have a semi-legitimate HoF with no Hogan.

Put him back in and then say “the hell with him.”

That is, after all, what Mark Henry said many black wrestlers were saying backstage after Hogan’s apology.

I’m sure Hogan wants to “clear his name,” because he was exposed as a pathetic old racist and it was a lot more fun to be beloved by millions.

You don’t say “I’m a racist” before dropping the n-word multiple times and get to patch it over with some PR work.

Hogan’s heart was laid bare and it was not painted red, white and blue and fueled by prayers and vitamins. It was shriveled, sad and wearing a white hood.

WWE doesn’t need Hulk Hogan around in 2018. There’s no benefit to anyone but Hogan, and he doesn’t deserve it.

Let him be in the Hall of Fame for the unavoidable things his career meant to wrestling, then tell him he’s not welcome anymore.

Now get out there and crush this Tuesday.

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