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The ‘new big dog’ Bobby Lashley wants to face Brock Lesnar

We don’t know yet if Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will respond to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle’s ultimatum he return to WWE and defend his title or lose his belt.

But if The Beast Incarnate does respond, Bobby Lashley thinks he should be the man to face him.

As he explained on WWE Network’s Extreme Rules Post-Show after defeating Roman Reigns on July 15:

“Brock has the title. I don’t know where Brock is, but when Brock’s ready to come back and fight somebody for the title, I’m the man. Of course, he said before he didn’t want to come back because Roman and Roman and Roman - now there’s a new big dog, and that’s me. So if he wants to come back and defend that title, he has somebody else to come back and defend that title. Somebody that beat the person he defended that title against last time. So now if Brock is ready to come and defend that title - I am here.

I’m pretty sure Brock is gonna show up. I’m pretty sure Brock watched what was going on tonight. Right now, Brock has no excuses for not showing up.

I want to beat Brock for that title.”

Is that the match you want?

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